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Be Selfish. Be Generous.

Posted on December 14 2017

Be Selfish. Be Generous.

You know those people who buy a little something for themselves each holiday? 

I hope you're one of them. I really do. 

One year I bought myself so many gifts. Perfume, a new purse, silky pajamas, gold hoops... it was borderline excessive. I wrapped them up in cheerful paper and curled the ribbons with excitement and anticipation of the day in which I could enjoy my little gifts.  And on Christmas morning, I thanked myself and my husband, who works so hard for us but is not a knock-em-out-of-the-park shopper, as I gleefully unwrapped each one.  On top of it being a little funny, it was perhaps the most appreciated I've ever felt because I appreciated myself.

This year, I'm on a pretty tight budget and have no choice but to be frugal; but indeed, I caved in to the lure of Black Friday prices and purchased myself an exciting new toy: a much needed shiny new  vacuum. It's not an extravagant gift like, "Hey guys check out my new vacuum, I think it really brings out my eyes." but I'm a happy girl.  It's a small, practical thing, it makes my life easier and I deserve it.

I think we all can agree that most people don't need anything.  We're all doing pretty good with what we got.  Kids included.  But it's been a weird year, has it not? In a political, professional and personal way, twists and turns and some stressful stuff. Along the way we all tend to forget to dole out the positive attention to ourselves and those around us.  

And this time of year things are always particularly intense, goals are wrapping up, emotions are heightened and the pressure is on. We are expected to give the best gifts, create the Pinterest worthy treats, attend all the events, wrap the gifts, maintain the laundry, work a 40 hour work week, pay the bills on time, on an on and on. Its too much for me.  And nothing make me more of a grinch than not knowing what amazing mind blowing gift to get someone.

So if you aren't one of those people who get yourself a little something, it's time to change that.  It's time to be a little selfish, and a little generous with yourself.  I don't care if its cookies, a new song in your library, a new shade of lipstick, fresh flowers, a gossip magazine, a pedicure or yet another Mombasa... there has to be an exchange of some kind, from yourself to yourself.  Perhaps there's no price tag. Perhaps what you give yourself is time. Time alone or time with friends, which one do you need more of? Turn down the invites you aren't thrilled on, say no to the secret santa exchange, spend some time at the beach pretending holiday pressure doesn't exist. Give yourself permission to be selfish with your time and energy, knock a person or two off your gift list, to make room for yourself, at the top of the list. And if you can't muster up the courage to give yourself permission to do that than here I am, giving you permission.  I can nearly promise you that once you treat yourself first the amount of giving and excitement for all the rest of the stuff with absolutely flow from you.

Or not. And thats okay too. 

You don't have to be everywhere and everything for everyone else.  You just need to be happy.  If less stressed and less requirements means happy, than you need to find a way to make that happen.  

Be selfish. Be generous. Be both. Be kind. It makes a difference. 

Love you all and happy happy shopping (for yourself).

PS: The Lucky Honey x Free to Be Me Holiday Pop-Up Shop is this weekend at 312-C Alamaha Street, Kahului, Maui. 


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