Beautiful Bri and her Bath

Beautiful Bri and her Bath

August 02, 2017

Have you ever noticed that everyone’s social media profile is uniquely shaped by their own set of colors, tones and lighting?   I always ponder how these stylistic choices can reflect a person’s perspective and vibe.  I personally tend to favor deep shadows and concentrated tones.   But I’ve always admired others ability to let light into their feed.  Bri Dietz is one of those people.  Her slice of her life is depicted with bright whites and happy kiddos. Things that are healthy; things that shine.  And although we really shouldn’t look too deeply into anything on the internet, we certainly like her style.

After all, juxtaposed the vibrant purity she presently emanates, Bri has had her share of struggles. She admits to experiencing issues with body image and binge eating as a teenager.  She reflected: “most often when you are depriving yourself and obsessing over food it ends up having an unhealthy control over you.”  After taking her first nutrition course in college, her eyes were opened to new ways of thinking about food.  That it’s not the enemy, but instead, a fantastic source of nourishment.   This realization and understanding helped her through taking the first steps towards overcoming her disordered eating.  Something she will likely have to be conscious of for the rest of her life.  She continued on in her education to major in Kinesiology and after graduating entered the Natural Healing Institute “an awesome hippie nutrition school.”  And in 2009 she started her own business as a Personal Trainer and Clinical Nutritionist.   “I was fueled by my desire to encourage women to love their bodies, get in touch with intuitive eating and sweat for a health and clear mind--as well as a perky booty!”

Now, as a mother of two, her daily life has changed greatly, requiring a balance of mom-ing, social media influence work as well as continuing to work with clients.  She admits that even for a health minded mama like herself, self care continues to be her biggest obstacle.  “I don’t eat the same elaborate healthy meals that I used to, and find it much harder to find the time (and motivation) to exercise but I know how darn important it is to take the time in my day to seek wellness and feel good.  Even if it is a walk in the park pushing my stroller, a kombucha in the afternoon, and a long magnesium – infused bath at night, I try to find small ways to feel well during the day.  I would encourage all women, no matter what stage of life you are in to do the same! Your soul, mind and booty will thank you.”

Bri shares with us one healthy habit we can all easily incorporate into our daily lives, one that is highly beneficial to both physical and mental health.  So here it is, I'll definitely be trying this one tonight.  

 Magnesium Bath, Bri Style 

  1. Pour some tea or wine and take a deep breath (ahhhh)
  2. Diffuse your favorite essential oils (cedar wood and lavender for me)
  3. 3. Fill up a bath and start your favorite play list (I recommend amos lee)
  4. Add in a scoop or single use bag of magnesium bath salts (my favorite is ancient minerals)
  5. Relax! Enjoy the benefits of your magnesium bath, such as detoxification ache and pain relief and cellular restoration.

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