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Designers We Love - The Bee & the Fox

Posted on September 13 2017

Designers We Love - The Bee & the Fox

These days in life I want things simple and I know I'm not alone in that. I want my life simple. I want my work simple. I want my home simple. I want my fashion... simple. Most of these things are anything but simple, however, my fashion is my own personal choice and I keep it super simple.

The space in my closet that used to be filled with worn-once “going out” outfits has been replaced with a very cherished collection of comfortable, flattering, simple t-shirts. You see, I’m a mommy now. Theres hardly any going out unless its a table of four with two kids menus.  And after 10 years of this I’ve learned that this doesn’t mean I need to be plain, and neglect my appearance (though I often do by choice), it just means the fashion choices I make are catered to function and the adventures of motherhood. It’s a very very important role, and though I don’t mind dressing the part, I appreciate that I don’t have to lose my voice and my style.

So when the Mamas at The Lucky Honey began to stock The Bee & the Fox, I was so excited about the simple yet strong mother-hood themed apparel as well as their equally inspired styles for the littles and men.

These personal favorites have earned their permanent place in my closet. Its not just the comfort of these pieces but the rhetoric woven into each style. 

And so of course we had to include Ashley Jennett, of The Bee & the Fox, as a designer we adore.

Like many fantastic brands, the roots of The Bee & the Fox sprung from within a gap in the market and a desire to fill it. “It’s funny how things evolve that you seemingly forget how they started in the first place. It began for a distain with what was currently on the market for kids, especially boys, and as a mother to boys, I opted to try my hand at offering something I really wanted to have my own boys wear. It evolved from there.”

And true to their aesthetic, Ashley keeps it simple.

“We sell t-shirts” Ashley says. “That’s not to belittle whatever impact we have; in fact, as we’ve grown, what little impact we do have has become of great importance to us and is an honor we never saw coming.” She refers to “the women who feel and heard and supported” and the camaraderie that comes with the shared appreciation for such statements as “Pick Flowers Not Fights” and “Mama tried, Mama Tried, Mama tried.” Yes, I am a Mama and I try. every Day. The Bee & the Fox personal favorite? “Hands down, the behind-the-scenes favorite is ‘Nobody’s Perfekt.’ I think that because we all believe in life being perfectly imperfect.

When it comes to those perfect imperfections within her little business, Ashley states beautifully, “We’re always jumping through hoops, navigating a ship with no compass and other times low fuel levels. You cross one bridge only to find the need to build another. That’s owning and running a business. That’s life. The challenge, therefore, is keeping perspective and seeking humor. Because there is perspective and humor in everything. And more times than not, the challenges you’re facing are privileges in disguise.”

The Bee & the Fox have utilized a portion of their success and donate to difference non-profits, including the American Association of University Women, “who are doing fabulous things,” and also take part in auctions that help generate money for other non-profits such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

The Bee & the Fox has grown to be featured in numerous magazines, established blogs (including this one, duh) and is a social media favorite. Check out our selection of these fabulous, reasonably priced garments here.


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