June 08, 2017

Halley Ellefante's got no complaints and neither do we.

We feature today's beer loving blogger babe The_Salty_Blonde, because of her unmistakable style as featured on her very popular instagram.

Hailing from New York, where she met handsome Fiancé Tom while working as a bartender, Halley landed in Hawaii and settled on the North Shore of Oahu.  She launched her social media blog at the encouragement of her sister, and by happenstance, it has truly taken off.  Her fashion photos have cataloged her emerging retro-inspired style, a seemingly effortless attention to detail and an ever so admired beachy lifetstyle depicted in every look.  What's always caught my attention is Halley's simple smile in each photo.  She always looks at ease and appreciative. 

We would be kidding ourselves if we thought that the fashion bloggers life was all lounging around in free clothes while reaping the rewards. We know these women hustle. Whether its a day of emails, the struggle of mid-beach wardrobe changes or dealing with cyber bullies, a bloggers life is never as glamorous as it may seem.  Another double edged sword is the massive amount of travel that may be required commuting when living in paradise away from family and work opportunities.  If you follow Halley, you'd also find her traveling frequently between New York and Hawaii and well as a lot of in-betweens and beyonds.

Having the fortune of a lot of travel on our plate here at The Lucky Honey we'd thought we'd get tips from the travelling fashionista:

Surviving Long Plane Rides

My debit card. I buy movie after movie because I am one of those people that can't sleep on planes.  Also, lots of hand sanitizer. 

What to Wear While in Transit

Leggings and a long comfy top with layers and whatever hat I'm traveling with.  It's either really cold or really hot so layering is key.

How to Feel Your Best

I try and pound as much water as I can! I'll even do a mask after a long flight because my skin is so dehydrated.  And believe it or not, I'm not really into drinking on long flights because it always make me feel worse.

Packing Light and Staying Fashionable

No Such thing.  I'm still an over packer and would rather have more options than none at all.

Maintaining a Sense of Home and Relationships When Away

TRAVEL! I go back home (New York) to visit family and friends as much as I can.  And when I can't do that, we chat on the phone, text, g-chat, etc..  Everyone's super busy, but we make sure to pop in and catch up even if it's just for a few minutes.  When I first moved [to Hawaii], I couldn't financially swing the NY trips and I felt so far away, as I am crazy close with my family.  Now, I just spend all of my money on flights and it's so worth it.  Who needs a savings account? :)


Sounds good to us! Flights to fun places and fashion. We thank Halley for finding time in her travels to enlighten us.  Safe travels to Halley and all our honeys out there.  Be sure to check out our selection of summer essential travel bags here. 


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