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KiniMama's Blogger Crush: GOLDKISH KISS

Posted on May 17 2017

KiniMama's Blogger Crush: GOLDKISH KISS

If you're like me, you follow many 'bikini bloggers'.  Which these days is just about anybody with Instagram and access to quotes on Pinterest.  It all starts out with an image that catches your eye.  Something unique and appealing.


And soon after the "Follow" button gets ignited, you become acquainted with what they're all about.  What do they have to say?  Why are they important to me? How do they make me feel about myself? Am I (the reader) important to them? Essentially, what do they have to offer you beyond a nice bikini collection and sick body shots?

I often unfollow bikini bloggers as well.  

A lot, I find, lack substance and insight or simply aren't genuine.  It is true that we live in a very visual world and our interactions with one another are often limited to face value.  So it's truly a gem when you can find someone whose appeal goes beyond the aesthetics and has something valuable to share.

This is where my ultimate bikini blogger crush comes in.  I just cant say enough about Rebekah Steen, the bodacious blonde babe behind Goldfish Kiss.  But in a few words: mega-babe-mom, amazing artist, fashion sense, nail art, and really fantastic writing.  Literally everything she writes I find myself thinking "I can't believe I haven't written this!" because it is always totally real and totally relatable. 

I reached out to Rebekah to participate in an interview and she was super gracious and super awesome.  And obviously, I was over the moon to do this, but I was especially excited to talk about one theme in particular.  You see, we currently find Rebekah in a beautiful stage of transition.  Having moved farther away from her home in Hawaii than imaginable.  I mean really, just what is a bikini blogger to do?  I think at times we all can feel so feel so far away from our personal definition of paradise, whether it's a plane ride away, five minutes down the road or a mindset that we just can't capture.  Life can keep us apart from the things that give us our greatest joy.  However, it would seem that paradise can be found, no matter where you are planted.  

Originally from Colorado, Rebekah has lived all over: Iowa, Minneapolis, Los Angeles (a few time), Arizona, Seattle, The Bay Area, Aix-En-Provence, France and of course… Hawaii.

“Oh Hawaii," she says.

It had her at Aloha. She and husband, Grant Steen, had been married just over a year and at her encouragement, he applied for a job at University of Hawaii Manoa, and received a job offer. Living on Oahu was bliss for Rebekah, who was inspired by the joy and vibrance of the people, the active lifestyle, and the diverse beauty of Hawaiian honeys: “I think Hawaii has some of the most beautiful women in the world, of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds… and are so naturally gorgeous, without even trying.” This inspired her to establish and foster a much more self-satisfying; less is more beauty routine and wardrobe.

While living in Hawaii, Rebekah continued to telecommute to her job in Los Angeles, but relished in Hawaiian way of living.  She learned to ease her life's pace with the simple joys of her environment.  Things like beach walks, grabbing poke at Foodland on the way home from a day spent surfing or plucking readily available plumerias bursting from the trees. She feels that the people she met and the places she saw, made her a better person and changed her outlook on all things for the better.

But just as her husband’s job brought them here, it also brought them away. Subsequently bringing them to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now to Minnesota. Despite the heartbreak of moving farther and farther away from the place that has inspired her in so many ways including a successful blog and a hefty online following, Rebekah has attempted to carry her experience in Hawaii with her every where she has gone. “I absolutely love how you could go out to any beach or park near a beach any day of the week in the few hours before sunset, and you’d think it was a Holiday. People are always out and about, soaking up nature, being in good company, and enjoying the simple things. That was something I always did my best to do and admired, but after experiencing that lifestyle, I swear by it. Get out and make the most of each day. Get in the water.”

Being landlocked hasn’t prevented her from rocking her beachy fashion sense that we all admire about her. Slippers over heels, coconut oil over fake eyelashes and wet hair over a blow out, “also, flowers in hair, as much as possible.” Rebekah travels back to Hawaii frequently, but also conveys her connection to Hawaii in her many aloha-inspired water color paintings as well as fancied up at home pedicures.
How could we talk about this bodacious babe of a mom without discussing her equally cool little dude, Levi. He is often her best accessory, accompanying mama on her adventures and travels, with a shared love of sand, water, shell picking, fish, birds, waves and running around nekked. Rebekah gushes on her cutie. “It’s the hair. And his personality. He has TONS of both. Definitely best friends for us too. Little dudes rock. He’s just making me have so much more fun with things. The writing, painting, drawing pictures… instead of being a total perfectionist and over thinking things, I’m all about seeing what my brain can muster up at that exact moment of free time… then quickly moving on.”

Finally, I asked Rebekah to share three tips for women who want to seek a more inspired lifestyle no matter where they are:
Get off your phone/social media and unplug. Comparison zaps inspiration like a Dyson Vaccuum Cleaner.
Give yourself 2 – 3 to-dos each day, that are personal (some sort of thing you are working on for yourself, where its physical, spiritual, economic, creative, whatever) and get them DONE.
Sleep. We all need sleep to feel good. Feeling good makes you feel inspired.

MAHALO Rebekah, for all your amazing insight and beautiful images you put out into the world. Please know that you continue to inspire so many, no matter where you are.

And stay tuned for more of Rebekah here on our blog in the days to come. 





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