Humble, Inspired, Mega Babe - KAILI LICKLE

Humble, Inspired, Mega Babe - KAILI LICKLE

May 01, 2017

Activewear is so hot right now.

It’s almost like women have recognized their freedom to break through outdated definitions of femeninity and decided that they are worthy of dressing comfortably and looking the part. The huge surge in activewear can also be attributed to the empowerment of women taking control of their health and bodies.

Whether you’re feeling lazy or feeling empowered; dressing up or dressing down; everyone has a few favorite activewear items available in their wardrobe. We feel Olympia Activewear has something for every woman’s every need. Modern and edgy, yet classic with ease of wear.

The creative mind behind the athletic aesthetic of Olympia Activewear is that of natural beauty with a bangin’ bod, Kaili Lickle, who, for the record, failed PE in high school.

Kaili is an obvious choice as a Designer We Love. Beyond designer-bad-assness, Kaili the woman is one of those humble dog-lovers we all want to be.

Fur baby brother and sister, Mocha and Murray are Italian Mastiffs. For those who don’t know, Mastiff’s are ginormous, loving, devoted dogs, or in Kaili’s words: “they romp hard, fight over coconuts all day and then pass out in each other’s arms.”

Kaili attended design school in San Francisco, pursuing an interest of textiles and interiors. She later graduated with a degree in Visual Merchandising, with a blend of fashion and interiors. Her post-education employment included the cool job (that I didn’t know existed) as a window dresser for high end retailers such as SAKS, Anthropologie and Louis Vuitton. It was during this time in her life that the future athletic apparel entrepreneur became excited about exercise. Not thrilled with the available activewear, which was “either super masculine or too housewife-y,” Kaili grew inspired to create an independent, functional and appealing spin on activewear. “Olympia started as a bit of a passion project and time-wise the activewear industry was starting to take off.”

And the rest is history.

Today we have seen Olympia Activewear on celebrities like the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Gwenyth Paltrow and fitness buff Kayla Itsines; as well as graced within the pages of Vogue Magazine, IK Womens Health and on the cover of Shape Magazine. And lots of etceteras.

We asked Kaili her motivation when creating the best activewear.

“Comfort is key. If you don't feel good in something you aren't likely to wear it. We are always trying to nail down the perfect fit, which can be a moving target. As I design I take into consideration what it feels like to be a woman working out. What parts of the body do you want to accentuate and flatter. How shapes balance out. What colors look good skin tight. Activewear is technical and a bit tricky. I feel like we have a ways to go in terms of creating 'the best' activewear. But I take that as a challenge to always do better.”

When it comes to staying active herself, Kaili thinks outside the box:

“I started taking barre classes at Trish Bianco's Infusion Barre & Yoga about 2 years ago. I was immediately hooked and doing her class like 5 days a week. That has calmed down and now I manage about 3 classes a week. I swear her class changed my body. I also love heated yoga for the detoxifying sweat. Pilates is great for stretching and lengthening. I'm big on studio workouts; not really a water sports girl or "team player." I love showing up to a class, doing the work, and then getting on with my day.

Get your workout done early. I, personally, am much more motivated in the morning. The first thing I do when I wake up is put on my leggings. It sets my mind on working out. I also find that working out in the morning leaves time at the end of the day for something to wind me down. Walking the beach with a friend, cooking dinner, a hot bath, stretching before bed - if I'm lucky its all of these! I also make time to get outside. Taking a long hike in the forest or running sand dunes at the beach. It sounds cheesy but being outside grounds you and puts things into perspective real fast. If you're feeling funky get outdoors.

When I'm not working I love to spend time with my family and friends. Simple things like beach days, hitting up the farmers market, going on little adventures around the island. Aside from that I'm about to get married and we just bought a house together. It has me so excited about renovation projects, growing gardens, planting trees, redesigning my office. All of this has me pretty much a good way.”

Congratulations to Kaili and fiancé Jeff on their pending nuptuals. We thank her for taking the time to be interviewed amidst the most exciting and busy time in a woman’s life, wedding planning! Kaili shared with us her open vision for their marital moment, which sounds like the quintessential island wedding:

“…lush and full of palm trees and greenery. I'm keeping the decor simple so the setting speaks for itself. Ceremony in a palm grove, party under a big tent. Aside from that we are working with Christina Hartman of Wild Heart flowers, who I adore. She grows many of her own blooms and I have to say the flowers have been one of my most favorite parts about wedding planning. I am so excited to see it all come to life!

I always envisioned a small wedding, but when we added our people together we have about 200 guests. I love it and am really just thinking of it as a big giant party with the people we love.”

Clearly Kaili is a motivated gal with an appreciation for the simple things; inspired by nature and the gracious movement of a woman’s body. Let’s hope she knows how many women she’s motivated with her unique and comfortable garments. We look forward to all of the things she has in store for us. Check out the Olympia Activewear which is available now on the site.


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