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Mai Tai Missions

Posted on June 29 2018

Mai Tai Missions

Here at The Lucky Honey, a couple of us have a taste for the finer things in life, okay, all of us do, but a couple of us have a profound appreciation for umbrella drinks, and today we are going to discuss the queen of queens: the mai tai.

The mai tai is that iconic tropical beverage, it’s part of every 21 and over vision of a Hawaiian vacation, its refreshing, its festive, its intoxicating and it’s on every menu on Maui.

But despite having essentially the same ingredients, no two mai tai’s are like. A couple years ago my sister came to visit from California and made it her mission to try as many mai tai’s as possible, she called it her Mai Tai Maui Tour.

Isn’t she cute?

Anyways, here we break down our top Mai Tai Choices for ya.

Maui Tropical Plantation - The Mill House

Actually, just to make me look like a liar, I’m going to start with a drink thats not on the menu. I’m not sure why the mai tai is an off-menu item at The Mill House but its indeed a worthy order.

This spruced up establishment gets fancy with their farm to table focus, using only quality local ingredients and their mai tai is no exception. Taking a sip, you first receive an awakening burst of ginger, followed by the smooth roll of juices and rum topped with modern flair.

Mama’s Fish House

This beverage has the whole package because its at Mama’s Fish House. Fresh ocean breezes straight off the shore, fine dining, a relaxing atmosphere perfect for taking your time with a tiki-glassed-umbrella’d mai tai. Mama’s Fish House's cuisine celebrates the inspired Polynesian flavors and the maitai is no exception. It boasts a strong emphasis of lime followed by a touch of pineapple, and I don’t know where they hide the rum in there but theres a lot of it. One mai tai goes a long way and its definitely a delicious ride.

Monkey Pod

In the heart of heat-heavy Wailea you will find this oasis of a restaurant. Us Upcountry Maui people find our way there as often as we can thanks to this next mai tai. There's the perfect blend of light rum and juices, topped with a heavy dark rum pour, the real magic is the lilikoi froth thats whipped up fresh upon each and every mai tai that comes through. This is a sweet dessert of a beverage, but is one of those desserts you enjoy before, during and after your meal. Its insanely refreshing and delightful.

The Lucky Honey

No list of mai tai would be complete without the 2017 Acacia Exclusive Mai Tai Mombasa. This limited item is of course sold out, but continues to be a favorite garment to wear while enjoying any beverage really. Definitely our favorite mai tai of all. 

Anything Poolside

Its hard to narrow down a resort mai tai but we all agree, anything poolside wins. Best consumed with friends and in your favorite bikini. Resort mai tai’s are usually just what you expect- Pineapple and Rum - and meets the standards of that “No one talk to me I’m having a mai tai by the pool” kind of vibe.

So thats it. We are sure we’ve missed some; comment below where your favorite mai tai comes from.


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