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Maile’s Motivation Mondays

Posted on October 09 2017

Maile’s Motivation Mondays

The Lucky Honey is excited to announce a new collab that doesn't involve specialized prints or fabrics.  It doesn't cost a thing and it should benefit everyone.  Maile Bongolan of MaiBody + Soul is going to be sharing tips, tricks and motivations for our readers and customers.  Maile is a fitness instructor at Om Maui in Pukalani and Fuzion Fit in Haiku, located right next to The Lucky Honey.  Maile approaches her physical fitness with much attention to emotional and mental wellbeing and we are so excited that she will be spreading that insight here with us.  

So without a doubt we got her back story...

Maile’s active lifestyle started from her youth.  This Maui girl went to San Diego, California, to pursue a career in graphic design, however, it was at the college gym where lightning struck and she took her first cycling class.  "I fell in love with the feeling I got on the bike - the loud music, the sweat, the energy from the people around me.  I looked forward to that release of endorphins after a busy day or stressful exam."

And so evolved a passion in putting in work on herself through health and fitness.  There was definitely a learning curve, "for a while I was sacrificing sleep in order to fit my own workout in.  Waking up after only 5 - 6 hours of sleep so that I could hit the gym ended up having a negative effect on my overall wellbeing.  I didn't have the energy to perform at peak levels and my digestive system and mind were sluggish.  It took several years to realize how important rest is for optimal health and performance.  I now aim for at least 7 hours of sleep at night and if my body is tired, I hit snooze and let it rest.  If I can, I take a weekly rest day or recover with restorative yoga or massage."

Maile has found that setting goals and writing them down has helped her stay motivated, "Having tangible ways to measure my goals allows me to see the progress I've made and checking things off a list feels so damn good."

And so after some time, she returned to Maui she became certified and eventually began instructing spin classes.  What started out as a passion turned into a career.  "I never thought my love for health and fitness would allow me to make a living but if you pursue something that matters enough to you, you will put in the time and dedication to make it happen."

Maile has found that the fitness community on Maui (on and offline) to be a source of support.  From the professionals to the peers to the class takers, "each individual has had an encouraging and motivating affect on me.  The fact that I get to help others reach their goals has made my commitment to health worth every step."

And now The Lucky Honey will be a part of that community.  We have enjoyed participating in her classes, thriving off her spirit and positive energy.  And we just know that you will love hearing from her and in case you are in the Maui area, you have got to check out one of her classes.

Here is her schedule below:

Sunday 8am at Om Maui

Monday 5:30pm at Fuzion Fit

Wednesday 5:30pm at Fuzion Fit

Friday 8:15am at Fuzion Fit

Saturday at 8:00am at Fuzion Fit



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