To the Coco Moon & Back

To the Coco Moon & Back

June 19, 2017

Coco Moon is a small locally owned business based in Hawaii that produces soft and simple baby items that we just adore. Designed by the amazingly talented and sweet Amber Thibaut; who inspires us with her use of soft color palettes and adorable aloha-themed images and we instantly fell in love with her high-quality products and just had to offer them to our awesome customers.

We love to see successful mom-bosses out there make amazing things happen. Likely the most amazing thing about Amber’s business mindset is that behind the marvelous merchandise is an outstanding source of values. Weaved into the fabric of Coco Moon is mindfulness towards the local Hawaiian community. Amber recently launched a give-back program called “1% for Hawaii”, which is inspired by the global 1% for the Planet program. Each month, Coco Moon donates 1% of its monthly profits to a different Hawaii-based non-profit organization. As a result, every single customer and every single sale contributes directly to helping Hawaiian Communities thrive. 

And that is why she is a Designer We Love.

Amber actually started Coco Moon with no prior experience in the baby products or the retail industry. Having stepped back from her previous career after she had children, she wished to focus entirely on motherhood, but always felt like there was a little something, or big something, missing. We all know the feeling. One night while nursing her second child, the inspiration of Coco Moon simply popped into her mind and she was quickly enthralled with her vision.

As a mother herself, Amber found many baby products to be too elaborate and fussy for simple babes and sleep deprived mamas. She sought out to create easy to use, easy to care for, elevated essentials for everyday life with the littles.

Much of Amber’s aesthetic inspiration is a result of her upbringing on Maui and the surrounding Pacific Ocean. She recalls fond memories spent in the water with her father, and now raises her sons with the same aquatic experiences, “I love witnessing their connection to the ocean grow, their interest in the sea creatures that call it home, and the joy the water brings them. The ocean can be so magical, especially for children. Channeling that magic through prints and colors is a really fun challenge.”

Piecing together the components of her new products is a method of aesthetics and function; matching fabrics with trims, selecting the right cuts followed by a tedious process of second guessing every choice. Amber compares the sense of it all coming together like a new baby being born each time, entirely worth it. And we totally agree.

Supporting local business is a vital lifeline to any community and is fortunately a growing trend in Hawaii right now. Amber recognizes that the modern consumer has a great desire to sense a connection to the products they use and the people behind them; to put their hard earned money into companies that share similar values and promote positivity within the collective community. The customer/business relationship can be a rewarding one with small local business, where the owners are often very available and connected to the process.

Amber has found a huge sense of satisfaction in connecting with her customers, whom she calls “Coco Moon ‘ohana”. Social Media has been instrumental in creating a deeper connection with customers, with the ability to see snippets of products in use and sharing in the joy of watching these families grow, “I’m seeing some of the first photos ever taken of these little newborns and they’re swaddled up tight in their Coco Moon swaddle blanket. Then, they go from being swaddled in our blankets, to rolling over on our blankets, to crawling around in our clothes! I feel like an Auntie getting to see the babies of my close friends bloom into these beautiful children. Moms will tell me that their child can’t fall asleep unless they have their Coco Moon blankie and that just lights up my world. I had always hoped that families would connect with my products, but I had never expected it to become such a core, emotional component for me as a business owner. I love our Coco Moon babies to the mahina (moon) and back!”

Clearly this is a woman and a brand that we can all get behind. We love her products, we love her vision, we love her values. Coco Moon makes for great gifts. Check out their best selling blankies and other products HERE. And stay tuned as we have a bonus Amber feature where she shares some really amazing advice and some of her favorite mama and baby products. 

Photography: Schyne Photography

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