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Posted on November 28 2017

Support Small

So I was too busy tanning my freshly fed belly on Small Business Saturday to take full advantage of this nationally recognized day. If you didn't know already, Small Business Saturday is a reminder as you partake in the wonderful shopping expeditions of holiday preparations and gift gathering, it is important to seek out and support locally owned small businesses.  This day piggy backs Black Friday and breaks way into the holiday shopping season. When we support small business we are helping our local economy THRIVE. Because here's the kicker, small business almost always support other small businesses in their own practices. 

Truth is, I love to support small as often as possible. There’s something about knowing and connecting with the faces and folks that provide specialty goods and services on your list.  With big box stores and online megagiants, we have gotten so far apart from interacting with business owners and while these retail corporations come in handy, they are just that, corporations.  But these days theres a bit of an uprising of desiring more from where we put our hard earned money.  Things like social media can connect us and familiarize ourselves not only with the products we are hunting after, but the beautiful faces that bring products and services to life.  Things like walking into a local boutique or coffee shop can offer you a chance to get to know and feel great about supporting folks just like you and me who are out there in our community creating experiences and products. 

About nine months ago we started this blog series of featuring inspiring people.  Along the way we've had the opportunity to get to know and introduce several small and locally owned businesses.  There has been everything from coffee shops to locally based fashion designers and many in-betweens. Its been a really uplifting and amazing adventure getting to know these go-getters within our community.  But you don't need to write a blog to engage in small business, you just have to walk in and see their efforts in fruition.

We've put together a little list of some shopping suggestions so that you can continue to support small businesses here in Hawai'i.

Boutique Shopping

Get yourself something while you're there.

Designing Wahine Emporium

Hale Zen

Nuage Bleu

Free to be Me Jewelry

Hi-Tech Surf Sports

Secrets Hawai'i

Beauty Products

Treat others like you want to be treated (or to things you want to be treated to)

Maui Hair Studio

Rock Flower Beauty

Malie Day Spa

Food and Beverage

Everyone loves a gift certificate.


Mama's Fish House

Paia Bowls

Sip Me

Sale Pepe

Maui Kombucha

Arvo (O'ahu)

Plant Based

The gift that keeps on giving.

Paiko (O'ahu)

3rd Day Nursery

Sun Days Hawaii

Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

What are you favorite small local businesses? Comment below to share with us.

Don't forget that The Lucky Honey is also a small locally owned business and we absolutely love interacting with our customers above everything else. 


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