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  • Banana Bread

    Mar 26 2018

    Banana Bread is pretty much a staple in my house. It’s my “treat” of the day, topped with a scoop of almond or peanut butter. Seriously, ...

  • Support Your Local Farmers Market

    Feb 26 2018

    One of my favorite weekend outings is the Upcountry Farmers market. On most days, the Pukalani lot is quiet, but as soon as Saturday roll...

  • Benefits to Switching Up a Workout Routine

    Feb 19 2018

    When it comes to exercise, many of us are creatures of habit. We attend the same group class, use the same machines, and run the same rou...

  • You Can still Have the Cookie and See Results

    Feb 12 2018

    You may often wonder, when it comes to eating healthy where do sweets and treats fit in? Whether you prefer dessert after dinner or an af...

  • Enjoying a Productive, Active Rest Day

    Jan 22 2018

    As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve been taught how important it is to take rest days, but I also have a love-hate relationship with them. Sure...