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Enjoying a Productive, Active Rest Day

Posted on January 22 2018

Enjoying a Productive, Active Rest Day

As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve been taught how important it is to take rest days, but I also have a love-hate relationship with them. Sure it’s nice to just sit around the house rather than rush to the gym but often I find it very hard to convince myself that taking a day off is necessary.

A day off is a departure from the usual routine and that contrast is sometimes difficult to adapt to. So instead of taking a “day off,” I aim for active rest days. They still involve activity, but at a much lower intensity than usual. This downtime is beneficial and allows time for recuperation in both the body and mind.

How active you are on your rest day depends on the intensity of your workouts leading up to it. I try to block off a similar amount of time to work on myself in some way to maintain momentum and remind myself that I am still making progress towards my life. Consider taking a restorative yoga class, a walk on the beach, or going for a swim. Take a break from counting reps or reaching your goals. Allow your mind to be free and put a smile on your face. It’s a damn good day to be alive.