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'ALOHI MAUI Golden Oil + Water Travel Set

$ 78.00 USD


Golden Oil + Water Travel Set

20ml (0.67 ounce) of ‘Alohi Water

9ml (0.3 ounce) of ‘Alohi Golden Oil


‘Alohi Maui is high performance botanic skincare artisanally crafted on the North Shore of Maui. Created for people who enjoy being outdoors, ‘Alohi Golden Oil and ‘Alohi Water combine to support skin’s natural defenses against sun, dry climates and wind. We use local ingredients like pure rainwater from our backyard and infuse our own extracts using organic and wild-crafted raw plants. ‘Alohi formulations are energized by a proprietary blend of essential oils chosen for their efficacy and ability to promote well-being. Our signature products, ‘Alohi Golden Oil and ‘Alohi Water work synergistically to deeply hydrate, nourish and protect skin. Our effective, minimalist formulas are race, gender and age neutral and work for all skin types. From the beach to peaks to city streets, ‘Alohi Maui is the mana of Maui for your skin.


‘Alohi Water

‘Alohi Water is a multi-corrective hydrating essence formulated to deeply moisturize and sooth skin. The base of the essence is rainwater collected from the pristine skies over the North Shore of Maui. This water is blended with organic Aloe Vera and Hawaiian algae extract which help to sooth and attract moisture into skin.  We use two forms of hyaluronic acid to vehicle botanic extracts deep into skin layers promoting collagen repair and plumping skin. Our skin-friendly proprietary organic essential oil blend is added to these elements to deliver powerful hydration, optimal nutrition, and daily repair and protection. Follow with ‘Alohi Golden Oil to seal moisture into your skin.


‘Alohi Golden Oil

‘Alohi Golden Oil is a powerful, multi-correctional elixir saturated with protective minerals and nutrient-rich botanicals. The base of the elixir is an infusion of raw plants that takes several weeks to complete. This potent concentration is blended with organic cold-pressed oils, skin-friendly organic essential oils and cosmetic-grade minerals to enhance skin and provide protection from the elements. Highly concentrated, a few drops of this silky, fast absorbing golden oil renews, brightens, repairs, protects and tones skin. Use after applying ‘Alohi Water Hydrating Essence to seal in moisture.


No Parabens

No Synthetic Fragrance

No endangered or threatened plants or extracts

No Mineral Oils


No animal testing or animal-derived ingredients

All ingredients are EWG rated “1”

All ingredients are from sustainable, renewable sources

Plastic Free Packaging

Our glass bottles and aloha print pouches can be Reused, Repurposed or Recycled